The whole run of DAR!, summarized in the final, uber strip.

Includes strips from 2003 as well, despite this misleading header.
Second year of college, lots of lesbian angst, in the throes of heartache from my on-again-off-again relationship with my first serious girlfriend. Notable Strips: What the Fuck am I Doing?, Foundation of Friendship, Why I’m a Lesbian, Unconditional Love, Mischa’s Flower, Safe at Last.
Lived in France for six months, nursing left over heartache for ex-girlfriend and unexpectedly falling for Britishman, Matt. Notable Strips: Matt’s Knob, Gloup.
Relationship with Matt continues long-distance. Final year of school, moved to Portland. Notable Strips: Things That Made Me Orgasm, The Last Seven Months, CuddleFart.
Living in Portland, working a day job, continuing relationship with Matt long-distance. Notable strips: Devil’s Point, Tea Kisses, Zit Face, Segway Cops, Dyke with a Boyfriend
Living in Portland, working a day job, laid off from day job, Matt and I get married. Notable strips: Cock O’Saurus, Butt Sex, What Does DAR Mean?, If I Had a Dick, Safe Word, Queefs, Sex Accidents, Strip Club Etiquette, Shaved, October 15, Identity Politics, Compulsion, Year End Summary

Settling into married life, trying out being self-employed as a freelance artist. Notable strips: Tuck Shop, Marital Bliss, Vibrator Introduction: (Part One, Part Two and Part Three), Identity, Butt Phone (Part One and Part Two), Love Notes, How to be a Freelance Artist, The Mystery (Part One and Part Two), Queer Marriage, Jackasses, The End.

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