Updated the store with Pip! (the children’s book I illustrated earlier this year) as well as added a handful of guest artists’ goods as well!

I’m very proud to be offering work by my friends and fellow studiomates Dylan Meconis, Steve Lieber and Sara Ryan. They are extremely talented and this is the perfect opportunity to try a little comic variety and save some money on shipping from ordering through one store.

And on a different note, I’ve been doing a daily drawing over on my LJ, to help me warm up in the morning. My guidelines are to complete a fully inked picture within one hour of getting to the studio, five days a week. I neeeever ever just draw except for comics, so I’m hella insecure when I have to do sketches at conventions. Also, I really wanna get better at inking so this exercise seemed like a good way to improve on several fronts at once!